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Schleich - White Tiger Toy

Schleich - White Tiger Toy

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A rare and exotic wildcat is prowling into the Schleich Wild Life Collection. The white tiger figurine lurks with a fierce intensity (probably because he's hangry). Powerful, majestic, and always on the hunt, the authentically detailed white tiger brings the jungle to your living room. The white tiger's eyes are locked on yours in a fierce gaze. You feel your heartbeat quicken. The tiger lowers into a crouch, and then…it pounces! "Tag!" roars the big cat as it gives you a friendly swipe with its paw. "You're it!" Did You Know? Only 12 White Tiger sightings were recorded in the 20th century. Do you think unicorns dream of spotting a white tiger in the wild? 

Recommended for ages 3+ 

Dimensions: 7.1in x 5.9in

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